Investments Disciplined Strategy

Meriturn invests where our capital, financial restructuring, and operating initiatives can return a company to profitable growth. Recognizing that every situation is unique and complex, core tenets of our strategy include strongly re-capitalizing the entity to facilitate necessary capital upgrades and/or to weather future market downturns, strict cost reduction and control (including restructuring key contracts where necessary), promoting management excellence, and reinvigorating sales and marketing programs. We are control-oriented investors, as we believe concentrated and nimble decision-making is key.

Meriturn targets companies in the lower middle-market and financial institutions that are underperforming. Meriturn has the ability to close transactions very quickly. Meriturn prefers to build long-term relationships with management teams who are willing to co-invest. We typically invest for 4 to 10 years, and are willing to invest over time for growth, add-on acquisitions, capex, etc. Some of the criteria we look for are as follows:

Criteria for Middle Market Opportunities
  • Revenues of $20 to $300 million
  • Positive and negative EBITDA
  • Headquarters in U.S. and Canada
  • Basic industries (manufacturing, distribution, services, etc.)
  • Products / services that do not become obsolete (non-tech)
  • Proven, defensible competencies; a clear 'reason to exist'
  • Ability to return to profitable growth
  • Strong team willing to co-invest
  • Control equity positions

Criteria for Financial Institutions
  • Over $500 million in assets
  • Strong market or geographic presence
  • Undercapitalized
  • Strong management teams
  • Identifiable asset problems
  • Core base of deposits

Transaction Types Meriturn professionals have the experience to structure and execute
a wide variety of structures in a myriad of situations, including:
  • Asset Purchases
  • Stock Purchases
  • Divestitures, Spinoffs and Carve-outs
  • Financial Restructurings
  • Operational Turnarounds
  • Special Situations
  • Out-of-court Restructurings
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
  • Stalking Horse Bidder
  • 363 Asset Purchases (as stalking horse)
  • Reorganizations
  • Article 9 Sales
  • Assignment for Benefit of Creditors (ABCs)
Investments to Date